About Us

About Us

What we do

Own brand manufacture, packing, distribution, and marketing. Under the Promin brand, we manufacture our vast range of low protein food products including dried pastas, pasta in sauce meals, meat substitutes, instant meals and a full range of innovative fresh bread products. Our market leading in house product development team work on site as we continuously develop and expand our ranges.

Our Facilities

Our 9000 square ft modern premises consist of:
Large contemporary office and meeting room facilities,
A large 70 bay warehouse
2 pressure extrusion machines,
2 industrial driers,
A self-contained powder blending facility with a specialised air filtration system,
A multihead weigher and powder filler partnered with a VFFS bagging machine create a total packing solution,
A unique in-house bakery and a large dispatch bay.
The Promin range, and the ranges of our partners are all manufactured, packed, stored and shipped on site

Contract manufacture

Ingredient Sourcing: We work closely with some of the UK’s largest ingredients companies and flavourists to provide the best possible end product to our customers.
Blending and Extrusion Manufacture – we have over 25 years experience in blending and pressure extrusion manufacturing methods. In our dedicated blending suite, our four multi-scale blenders ensure maximum quality.

Packing: Earlier in 2022 we installed a state-of-the-art packing process capable of packing both powders and solids, at impressive speeds with precision accuracy. Since our expansion, we have available capacity to easily accommodate your requirements.

UK Market Representation

We represent several European brands in the UK market and support them through all areas of UK market entry – from product application to wholesale and distribution.

Logistics: We’re incredibly proud of our strong relationships with our logistic partners – combined with our robust IT order processing technology, we’re able to offer a next day service on Promin products and those of our partners into chemists and hospitals throughout mainland UK.

Stock Holding: We have a warehouse with over 70 pallet bays – ideal for stock holding for our partners. Coupled with our logistics expertise, we can provide a full stock holding and withdrawal system.